Open the well of self discovery…

When you are lost in the forest of life.

Suffering of the soul happens when we are disconnected from the essence of who we are. There are times in everyone’s life when the world seems overwhelming, there is no clear direction forward and no place to turn.

It is times like these when you could use a different perspective and to talk to someone who you can trust. Whether you are interested in a long term commitment of deep transformation or looking to address specific goals and objectives in creating a life that rocks your world, I can tailor a therapeutic or coaching program that meets your needs.

I am committed to empowering you on your path of transformation and living a symbolic life and to facilitating greater freedom in your life. I practice the values of acceptance, trust, acknowledgement, curiosity, learning, presence, and responsibility.

Conveniently located in Roncesvalles Village, in the west end of Toronto, my practice is easily accessible by TTC. Free street parking is also available.

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