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Vision of Deep Well Online Learning

The well has been the guiding image for my practice for close to 20 years because it evokes the riches that lie beneath the surface.  It is only fitting to use the image for this series of online learning opportunities. My intent is to create stimulating, engaging and supported online educational experiences to enrich your personal and spiritual journey.

Courses will focus not only on the Jung’s theory but how we can apply it directly into our lives in the present in ways that support our growth. In addition to online videos and reflective exercises, students will be able to deepen their learning by connecting with others through webinars and private facebook groups.


Living a Life of Integrity and the Heart: Befriending the Shadow and Finding Soul

DISCOVER the transformative power of work with our SHADOWS to LIVE a LIFE of heart and integrity

LEARN how to befriend the shadow in a loving and compassionate way


As discussed in my book,  “Heart of the Matter: Individuation as an Ethical Process” Jung wrote  “if a man is endowed with an ethical sense and is convinced of the sanctity of ethical values, he is on the surest road to a conflict of duty. . . . . it alone makes possible a higher differentiation of ethics and a broadening of consciousness” Jung’s conflict of duty is revealed in his wrestling between the spirit of the times and the spirit of the depths in Liber Novus: The Red Book and became the foundation for his notion of individuation.

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The Mystical Journey of the Soul to the DIVINE


Was Jung a mystic in the great spiritual traditions of the contemplative spiritual practices? We can now study Jung’s descent into the unconscious through the text and the images of the Red Book. Sonu Shamdasani, the editor and translator, of the Red Book likens Jung’s descent with the visionary traditions of William Blake and others.

This mini-course will explore Jung’s journey in the Red Book as part of the mystical spiritual journeys and discuss the connection between individuation and the Soul’s path to divine.

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