The Heart of the Matter: Individuation as an Ethical Process

Chiron Publications 2014

The Heart is the meeting place of the individual and the divine, the inner ground of morality, authenticity and integrity. The process of coming to the Heart and of realizing the person we were meant to be is what C.G. Jung called "individuation. The path is full of moral challenges for anyone with the courage to take it. Christina Becker takes the reader through the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the ethical dimensions of an individual journey toward wholeness.

Reading The Heart of the Matter as an Ethical Process is like sitting at a feast, having the opportunity to be fed from many sources. There is much that feeds us both intellectually and emotionally in this work. It provides a systematic and scholarly grounding toward the understanding the fundamental ethical urge/need within every human being.

Shirley Halliday Jungian Analyst
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