Jungian Astrological Readings

“As above So Below”

Astrological readings from a Jungian perspective embrace the alchemical notion of “as above, so below”.  In the divine matrix in the universe, there is no distinction between our inner world and our outer reality. Even the smallest thing in the universe is subject to the same processes as the largest thing.

The Soul can be best described as a field. “Everything that we experience whether it comes from us or not can be seen as a reflection or mirror of an aspect of our inner life.”


Here is what you will get in an astrological session:

  • We will have an in-depth discussion of your birth chart and your natal potential from the perspective of the life lessons you are here to learn.
  • We will unpack your childhood experiences through astrological events and how they have impact your life through complexes, limiting beliefs, and unconscious attitudes.
  • We dive into the symbolic meaning of current transits and progressions and how they are being revealed in the events of your life now

If you want a more in-depth look at the divine timing of  your individuation journey,  then you might be interested in spiritual astrological coaching


A reading is between 75 and 90 minutes long = 295.00 plus HST of 13% (effective September, 1  2016). You will receive a recording of the session.   All astrological sessions must be paid for in advance.

To book a session

Use the form below to send me your birth information and other relevant information. Thank you.


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