Jungian Sandplay

Sandpicture completed in a sandplay therapy process.

Sand picture completed in a sandplay therapy process.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”  – Carl Jung

Origins of Jungian Sandplay Therapy

Jungian sandplay therapy was developed by Dora Kalff in Switzerland after she studied at the C.G. Jung Institute,  Zurich in the 1950s and 1960s and with Margaret Lowenfeld in England.   It is a therapeutic modality that is effective with adults as well as children.  The essential part of the sandplay process according to Dora Kalff was the creation of “the free and protected space.”


Jungian sandplay is a non-verbal expressive modality of therapy that uses miniature figures, water and sand in a contained space.

Sandplay mininatures used in the creation of a sandplay picture.

Sandplay mininatures used in the creation of a sandplay picture.

Allowing the unconscious to work, sandplay encourages the spontaneous and dynamic expression of our psyche.   It is very creative and allows access to the deeper level of the unconscious towards our natural process towards healing and wholeness.  Sandplay  therapy is a powerful form of therapy when done along side of Jungian analysis.

Christina is a member of Canadian Association of Sandplay Therapy and is actively working towards becoming a certified sandplay therapist. 






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