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Gateways to the divine for spiritual seekers

Gateways to the Divine

Gateways to the Divine

The great mystery, the divine, Tao, God – there are many names for the unknowable mystery that infuses our lives. C.G. Jung thought that we have a spiritual instinct – a deep human longing to connect with the divine. He demonstrated that this instinct is innate and drives us to seek higher connection. Many spiritual seekers frustrated with traditional religious format long to have deeper connections to the life-giving waters of divine energy.

Christina offers weekend Jungian spiritual retreats with friend and colleague Beaty Popescu entitled “Gateways to the Divine”. These retreats offer you ways to explore connections to the divine within and in the world around them.

Great spiritual traditions and Jungian psychology are woven into a rich weekend of discussion and exploration. Following Jung’s identification of a universal spiritual path that can be found in all contemplative and mystical traditions, you will be able find ways to expand this connection in your life. You will have a whole new and different opportunity to deepen you spiritual practices and find the gateways that work the best for you.

This retreat would be of benefit to spiritual communities, Friends of Jung groups and retreat centres.

Find out how you can have the Gateways to the Divine Retreat with Christina and Beaty. Contact Christina about details and timing.

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