Jungian Spiritual Therapy and Counselling

Spiritual Counselling Toronto

Spiritual Therapy and Counselling Toronto

In spiritual therapy and counselling, we are exploring the divine and the numinous . . . . .

Carl Jung recognized that the “spirit of the depths” lives in all of us and that there is a spiritual instinct and function that gives us meaning, a sense of purpose and a connection to something larger than ourselves. Indeed, Jungian analysis explores themes that are present in all the great religions.

Jung described spirit as the ethereal invisible and non material aspect of each individual. It is without form but nonetheless moves us. He described this inner centre at the core of our personality which he names as the Self.

The role of spirituality and unmet spiritual needs play a large role in dealing with emotional disorders.

Spiritual counselling with a Jungian orientation explores the psychological connection to God. It will not provide you with answers, But allow you a safe and sacred space to explore the questions and your relationship to the divine and to the numinous.

Spiritual direction and counselling from a Jungian perspective can explore the following issues:

  • what is your definition of God?
  • how do you define and connect to the laws of the universe?
  • do you live in a supportive or hostile universe?
  • do your belief systems enhance or diminish your life?
  • how do you discern your true calling?
  • how to negotiate the meaning of life in the face of life’s challenges and tragedies?
  • what are your paths of spiritual development?

Find out how Christina can help you through spiritual direction, or Jungian Analysis. To set up an initial consultation, click here to email or you can book an appointment online.

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