Spiritual Astrological Coaching

Maximizing your spiritual lessons through Astrology

Spiritual lessons come to us in the form of our life and astrology is a wonderful way to identity the themes to focus on where we are.

This is for you if you are consciously involved in your individuation journey and understand that astrology is the key to dropping deeper in the life of the SOUL. You want to maximize the spiritual growth that is available through navigating significant transits and progressions.

Using the notion of Kairos, there is a right time for everything, spiritual astrological coaching will use current transits and progressions to focus your spiritual efforts towards greater consciousness.

In this spiritual coaching package, you will:

  • See the direct correlation between Kairos, divine timing seen between the astrological transits and progressions, and events in your life.
  • Understand the archetypal landscape in which you are living at the moment.
  • Find lasting ways to work with the interconnection between astrology and your life.
  • Deepen the understanding of your individuation journey.
  • Maximize the learning opportunities for spiritual growth.

Four session spiritual astrological coaching package includes:

  • A 75-90 minute reading where we will:
    • have an in-depth discussion of your birth chart and your natal potential from the perspective of the life lessons you are here to learn.
    • unpack your childhood experiences through astrological events and how they have impact your spiritual life through complexes, limiting beliefs, and unconscious attitudes.
  • Three One-hour sessions where we will:
    • review the events and the learnings that have risen;
    • understand how the archetypal themes discussed in original reading are manifesting in your life.


Spiritual Astrological Coaching Package is $1,495.00 plus HST.  All astrological sessions must be paid for in advance. Installment plans are available with $500.00 deposit plus HST.

To book a session

Use the form below to send me your birth information and other relevant information. Thank you.

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