Why Choose a Jungian Analysis

Jungian Analysis

(Analytical Psychology) gives you a safe place to explore the deeper meaning in your life. As a seeker, you know that there is something more to your mental health symptoms. You want to explore and discover what that is. You have a curiosity of world of the soul and feel called to embark on a path of self discovery. These calls can come from many places and inner distresses – major illness, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, relationship break up, death of a loved one, or loss of a job.

The uniqueness of Jungian Analysis lies in its open-mindedness and warmth towards clients. Jungian analysts understand that it is in the relationship where the natural solutions to issues arise. The Analyst is a companion on the journey of self actualization and self discovery, and helps to shine light on unknown areas of client’s psyche and pointing out important markers along the way. Embedded in the attitude of Jungian Analysis, is the belief in the creative power of the unconscious to find the source of solutions and resolution of human problems.

Jungian Psychoanalysts have one of the most rigorous and extensive training of all practitioners in the mental health field and are uniquely trained to understand the unconscious forces that influence our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

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